Weekend Workshops

Autumn Celebration: 2nd to 3rd October

A delightful IN-PERSON combo of Tantric Gateways 1-2

Led by Leora Lightwoman

Where: At the Clophill Centre, a rural venue just north of London

When: October 2nd 2021, 10:00 - October 3rd 2021, 19:30

Price: £345.00

This is the price for both days.

A fabulous IN-PERSON celebration of love, joy, discovery and abundance.

Saturday   Tantric Gateways 1   10am-7.30pm

Sunday     Tantric Gateways 2   10am-7.30pm

If you have already experienced Tantric Gateways 1 or 2, it's an opportunity to deepen into these themes.

PLACES VERY LIMITED!  Only ONE SPACE LEFT for a man, and we have opened a waiting list.
Please email office@diamondlighttantra.com.

Price:  £345 for the entire weekend (non-residential).


Please email office@diamondlighttantra.com to secure your place.

TANTRIC GATEWAYS 1 - A day of discovery, beauty, connection and deepening intimacy.

Bask in meditations and exercises to enhance connection. Discover illuminating processes to heighten your senses and awareness. Contact your innate blissfulness.

Through simple exercises we explore boundaries, intimacy, energetic awareness, spontaneity and fun, respect and care, and an incredible opportunity to open to a quality of non-doing in relating and in life, that allows a perception of a dimension beyond the ordinary.

 All our workshops are held with the utmost respect for boundaries, privacy, choice, relaxation and ease

-          Remember the innocence of your body, heart and sexuality

-          Connect sexuality and spirit through breath, meditation and intention

-          Space to share, discover and unfold

For both couples and individuals.  Couples, look beyond the known exterior of your Beloved, and see the depths of their humanity and deep potency.  Open to receiving love.  Individuals, experience tools for self-empowerment and inner radiance.


The prerequisite for this workshops is Tantric Gateways 1.

In Tantric Gateways 2 through a process called ‘streamings’ we clear energy blocks and allow the whole body and heart to become more receptive to orgasmic energy, love and bliss. 

- Heal physical and emotional restrictions to intimacy and pleasure

- Discover the wonder of energy movement throughout the body

- Enjoy respectful and supportive, authentic and transformative connection

For both couples and individuals Couples please book two places Book at office@diamondlighttantra.com.

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