Complementary organisations - Priyatama describes her work uniting love, intimacy and sexuality - Peta Heskell has an exciting, energetic site on flirting - The Human Awareness Institute offers workshops on the skills of loving relationships - Alternatives host Monday talks at St James's Church, Piccadilly and weekend workshops in spirituality, creativity, wellbeing and self development - Annual festival packed with workshops and more to encourage, inspire and expand your connection with yourself and those around you - Weekend workshops and three year professional training working on all levels of the Human Energy Field, combining in-depth body-centred psychological healing with profound spiritual awakening - Leora: "I attended one of Chris Payne's Sedona Method seminars which teach you how to let go of anything and everything that is holding you back from being fully alive and energetic. I really loved it." - A great resource for all things yoga and tantra. - Alan Mars teaches the Alexander Technique, which is wonderful for greater body awareness. - A large site with lots of references and links. Exciting Tantric dating agency. Live chat room. Great fun. As always, use your own discretion. - Howard is a wonderful, experienced body therapist specialising in Cranio-Sacral therapy for gentle pelvic release and healing sexual trauma. - The Dartmouth Festival of Healing Arts Om Yoga Magazine

Connection with the world - Diamondlight supports the maintenance of our sacred environment. - By visiting this site you will cause a donation to be made by the sponsors of the site.

Workshop Venues

Music - For sensual music from all over the world - For mail order CDs - Trance Dance Music from Professor Trance - Frank Natale

Books and Other Products - For the latest book about tantra - It is written in the ancient Kama Sutra that there are rare oils, exotic fragrances and soothing unguents

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